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Stalk slippers "Camel" with camel woll

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Camel wool sock-type slippers are made of a blend of camel and merino wool. Soft and warm slippers allows you to enjoy a comfortable walk on hard floor. Natural wool protects the feet from sweating, effectively evaporates moisture, keeping the feet dry all day long, and the fabric itself has a pleasant touch to the skin and massages it. The rubber coated slip sole allows you to walk quietly and safely on any floor surface, effectively reducing slippage. The wool in the slippers is naturally hygienic, helping to prevent overheating and unpleasant sweat odours.

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10% camel wool, 90% merino wool, base- 100% polyester.

Certificates: WOOLMARK, OEKO-TEX
Manufacturer: UAB Flokati, Lithuania
 Care Instructions:

Wash by hand or in washing machine (wool cycle, 30 degrees). Use gentle laundry detergent.

Do not iron
Dry clean (P)
Do not tumble dry


Worth to know:

Due to the chemical composition of natural wool, different wool shades are unavoidable.

During the use, wool hair adhesion (curling) and undercoat loss are possible. This is not considered as fabric damage.

Products of wool fabric may have weaker or stronger specific wool odor. If the smell of wool seems too strong, it is recommended to ventilate the product in dry place, not in the direct sunlight.



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