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Detergent for wool with aloe and lanolin, 1000ml

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Wool laundry detergent with aloe and lanolin for the care of wool and natural fibre products. Gently cleanses, helps maintain the fabric shape and colour, softens the fabric and provides fresh aroma. Contents lanolin to protect the natural wool fibber. Readily biodegradable, phosphate free. Dermatologically tested. Biodegradable and environmentally safe. Detergent aroma: aloe.

More about the item "Detergent for wool with aloe and lanolin, 1000ml"

Choose the right product dosage according to how dirty clothes are and how hard water is. Refer to the washing instructions in the care labels on clothing to select the most suitable washing cycle. Choose the right product dosage according to how dirty clothes are and how hard water is, as per the instructions in the back label. Hand washing: use lukewarm water; let garment soak for ten minutes or so. Rub gently to remove stains. Thoroughly rinse to remove any trace of detergent. Allow to dry away from any source of heat so that fibres are not damaged.


Madel S.p.A, Italy

About Winni’s:

All Winni’s laundry care products are eco-dermo-compatible and hypoallergenic as well as nickel, chrome and cobalt tested. That is why our products are perfectly suited for baby and children clothes. Since they are quickly and fully biodegradable and their formulations contain natural ingredients, our products have a low environmental impact.


 Worth to know:

To prevent wool matting, the most important secret is washing temperature. Wash and rinse laundry at the same constant temperature. Avoid temperature changes since this may cause fabrics to get matted. Iron only once the garment is completely dry.

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