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"Flokati" production is certified by"Oeko-Tex® 100" standard.

It is a universally acknowledged ecological standard. Textile products can be certified by "Oeko-Tex® 100" standard only if all components comply with necessary requirements. To ensure that all raw materials are tested.

Tested and certified products do not have any unfavourable or harmful impact on consumers since "Oeko-Tex® 100" standard indicates strict allowable quantities of harmful materials for textile products.

According to the test results of "Oeko-Tex® 100" standard Class 1, all "Flokati" products comply with ecologic requirements and are safe for adults and children.


 "Woolmark" is the best-known brand in textile and clothing industry marking wool products.

This is an international registered brand that marks textile materials containing at least 60 per cent of pure wool (and 80 per cent of pure wool for underwear). The rest of the product should consist of fibre for maintaining necessary strength and colour resistance. These are woolen products of the highest quality, which is ensured by international

organization "The Woolmark Company". This brand was created in 1964 by Italian painter Francesco Soroglia, and the International Wool Secretariat started using it the same year. This organization was established in 1936 by sheep breeders from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

In 1997 International Wool Secretariat was reorganized into "The Woolmark Company", which is the holder of this brand.

Only those manufactures whose products comply with strict standard requirements of "The Woolmark Company" have the right to use this brand.

When buying woolen products always look for the "Woolmark" brand, which ensures the highest quality of pure wool.


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