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The name of FLOKATI finds its roots in the two dacades of experience combining the soft touch of wool, health, protecting warmth, a cozy feeling of home and harmony of thoughts. Our products from carefully selected certificated merino, camel and alpaca wool fabrics are designed and made here, in Lithuania. Wool qualities of natural thermoregulating and skin protecting make it particularly favorite in summer and winter.

Enjoy your plunge into the softness of natural wool bedding, slippers and clothind every day!

Wool is a perfect gift from nature, isn't it?

Company's founder Asta Kančelskienė

Astos parasas






Flokati was established in 2000 when the company‘s founder, Asta Kančelskienė, secretly fell in love with the wool. Step by step, this love became obvious and grew into 4 boutiques, where customers came searching for cozy woolen things.

Today, Flokati is a brand and a manufacturing company employing more than 40 wool enthusiasts. With its main office and sewing factory located in Kaunas, the company successfully serves it’s international customers and provides soft woolen products for the bedroom, irresistable fashion pieces, cozy slippers, as well as soft and protecting articles of clothing for children. The company is exporting said products to European countries, Japan, South Korea and is now looking for long-term partners in other countries around the world.

The product and manufacturing service quality is the priority and main concern of Flokati. By working with reliable European merino wool fabric suppliers, the company ensures that its products meet quality, safety and ethical standards. All products of Flokati are certified with „Oekotex 100“ and Woolmark.

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Our philosophy

We live surrounded by noise and in an abundance of objects. In this chaos, true things are getting harder to notice. When seeking for silence, we turn to nature which, like a mirror, reflects who we trully are. We are sensitive, vulnerable and unbalanced by our own ever accelerating pace of life. As humans, we look for harmony within ourselves, others, and the environment as we seek for stability and well-being. And we find all that surrounds us has natural elements, whose textures, forms, and smells reflect special energy of nature and the soothing silence it holds. We fall in love with wool for its simplicity and natural esthetics and adore it for its healing qualities. In the end, we get addicted and can not resist the comfortable feeling wool provides.

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